Teledyne RESON A/S

- Model SVP 71 - Fixed Mount Sound Velocity Probes



Light-weight and compact, the SVP 71 is ideal for temporary installation on surface ships with outboard rigs where easy access for regular maintenance is an issue, or submersibles, ROVs and AUVs down to 2,000 metres below sea-level.  This, with its straight forward RS232 interface and RESON SV processors, the SVP 71 is a true plug -n- play system at a competitive price.

The SVP 71 uses a direct path echosounding technique that instantly compensates for temperature and pressure with internal sensors. The SVP 71 comes in a water resistant case including brackets for mounting, a 3m accessory cable, bolts, and a user manual with system description. Additional adaptor kits and fairing accessories are available upon request. For installations that demand minimum maintenance we suggest the SVP 70, which has titanium housing.

  • Accurate & reliable sound velocity measurement in seawater
  • Hard anodized sea water resistant Aluminium housing
  • Mechanical design for easy cleaning, optimal flow and flexible integration
  • 115200K Baud true RS232 interface
  • Direct path ultrasonic echosounding with 2MHz transducer element
  • Instant electronic temperature and pressure compensation via internal sensors
  • Integrated electronics and up to 2000m depth rating

  • Sound velocity
    • Range: 1350 -1800m/s
    • Resolution: 0.01m/s
    • Accuracy: (0-50m ±0.05m/s
    • Accuracy: (2000m) ±0.25m/s
    • Sampling Rate: 20Hz and lower, programmable
    • Sampling Mode: On request, continuous
  • I/O Interfaces
    • Connector: Birns 6m*
    • Output: True RS-232 Birns MCBH6M
    • Baud Rate: 2400-115200
    • Galvanic Insulation: Yes
    • Output Options: Direct, filtered, validity
    • Output Formats: Universal Programmable ASCII, Valeport, AML, SVP24, NMEA, and others
  • Electrical
    • Supply: 9-55VDC
    • Power: 1.1W typical, 1.5W maximum
  • Physical
    • Diameter: 44mm (maximum)
    • Length: 165mm (excl. connector)
    • End-Cap Height: 69mm (maximum)
    • Connector (MCBH9M): 52.5mm x Ø15mm
    • Weight: approximately 650g (excl. cable)
    • Housing material: 6082-T6
    • Anodization: MIL-STD A8625E III Class 1
  • Environmental
    • Pressure: 0-210bar
    • Temperature: -5 to +55°C

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