Teledyne RD Instruments

- Model RiverRay ADCP - Velocity Profiler



With over 25 years experience delivering acoustic Doppler products, Teledyne RDI's new RiverRay is the culmination of years of technology advances and invaluable customer feedback.

The revolutionary new RiverRay delivers the simplicity and reliability your operations require, at a price that won't break your budget.

  • Ease of use - easy to carry, easy to deploy, and easy to operate; just power and go.
  • Qrz-control - automatic adaptive sampling continuously optimizes your discharge measurement from bank to bank, thus ensuring the highest quality data without your intervention.
  • Reduced size, weight, and flow disturbance - the sleek new phased array transducer design provides increased data accuracy, as well as reduced size, weight, and flow disturbance.
  • Versatile - a single instrument can now deliver high quality data in a 0.5m stream or a 40m river.
  • Superior surface measurements - interwoven independent and short range measurements improve the discharge computation in your critical surface layer.
  • Platform stability - RiverRay's new float, designed and built by OceanScience, boasts reduced drag, causes less flow disturbance, and provides superior handling - even in high water velocities and waves.
  • No cables required - data is wirelessly transmitted to your shore station via BluetoothTM technology.
  • DGPS compatible- integrate an external DGPS for difficult conditions, such as moving beds.

  • Easy to use, easy to deploy
  • Adaptive sampling 
  • Data is wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth
  • DGPS compatible

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