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Following the founding of MTS Systems Corporation in 1951, the company rapidly developed into a leading supplier of intelligent hardware and software products in the fields of test and simulation systems and in measuring and automation technology. Today MTS Systems Corporation has over 2.200 employees worldwide - 360 of whom are employed by MTS Sensors at three sites in the USA (Cary, N.C.), Germany (Liidenscheid) and Japan (Tokyo). At MTS, intensive basic research is efficiently merged with a consistent focus on practical requirements. The results are innovative solutions for a wide range of potential industrial and non-industrial applications.

Magnetostriction: The best choice (or your application
You are under constant pressure to improve your products, reduce your costs and maintain a competitive edge. The choice you make must provide accuracy and repeatability. You need modular solutions that can adapt to your specific application and you need a price/pertormance ratio that delivers value. By choosing MTS Temposonics* sensors, you're choosing the leader in magne- tostrictive sensors. And that means you have a huge competitive advantage.

Increased productivity through innovation
MTS sensors do more than just measure position. Intelligent electronics move some control functions to the sensor, dramatically increasing productivity. When needed. MTS can tailor application-specific software to meet your needs.

Small sensor-great effect
MTS Temposonics* position sensors are used in countless industrial and non-industrial applications, from packaging machines through drinks bottling and canning plants right up to plastics molding machines and steel rolling mills. The precision and reliability of Temposonics® sensors offer huge benefits that result in high-quality products and efficient processes.

Amazing, where Temposonics1* can be found.... Temposonics9 sensors are often found wherever position must be measured precisely. Our engineers love the challenges of unusual applications, and they have helped customers to solve many difficult applications around the world. In the truest sense of the word, Temposonics9 paved the way for the planning of the bridge over the Great Belt in the Baltic Sea and the Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen (Germany). Temposonics8 sensors also helped in the salvage of the capsized Russian submarine 'Kursk*.

Temposonics- rod-in-cylinder: thinking ahead
In order to enable user-friendly use of superior Temposonics* sensor technology in cylinders. MTS has further enhanced the rod-style version. An innovative modular design eliminates the need to break the high-pressure hydraulic seal of the fluid system when installing or replacing the sensor cartridge. The sensor's pressure housing can stay permanently mounted in the cylinder and the basic sensor can be easily removed. This capability significantly reduces maintenance costs and potential downtime.

A Liquid Level sensor....
By simply mounting the position magnet into a float, the application range of R-Series sensors extends substantially. These highly precise float gauges supply exact level values. In addition, a second float can be added to measure 'interface levels' simultaneously (i.e. interface of water / oil. etc.).

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