Tenco Hydro, Inc.

Tenco Hydro, Inc.

- Model Z - Heated Batch Process Tank


Some municipal wastewater treatment plants find beneficial use for the concentrated scum / grease. Grease contains considerable heat value. When used as a supplemental heat source for incineration or  for further processing by a digester, it is desirable to further reduce the water content. The Tenco Hydro Thermix Heated Batch Process Tank System does this and provides other benefits such as heating and blending to a more homogeneous liquid that is easier to pump.

Each Thermix tank is sized for volume, shape, materials of construction and mixing in consideration of the process requirements and specifications. Features necessary for automated operation such as decanting, mixer speed, pump control, level control and temperature control are usually included. Thermix  tanks are designed for use with different heat sources, including hot water, electric blanket heaters or steam. An optional preassembled, skid mounted water heating system is offered where plant hot water is not available.

Thermix Heated Batch Process Tank Systems are factory assembled to the greatest practical extent including the insulation jacket, and tank mounted equipment, instrumentation, control panel and solids handling pump.

Thermix heated Batch Process tanks are commonly paired with Tenco Hydro Clari-Scum Grease Concentrators as an integrated system. The Thermix Heated Batch Process Tank System is also ideal as a stand-alone package as it can be customized to fit into an existing grease handling process.

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