- Model 120 - Septum Tensiometer



The Septum tensiometer permits several tensiometers to be read out using only one instrument and there fore offers a favourably priced alternative to the comprehensive determination of soil moisture tension with many measurement points. The topside of the tensiometer is sealed with a silicone septum so that the hand meter can be attached quickly and simply with a needle. The septum recloses automatically when the meter is removed. It can be replaced simply because itis screwed on using a GL18 threador used as a silicon plug dependingon design. The ceramic cup(P80; 20 x 50 mm) is mountedon a transparent acrylic tube (Ø 20 mm) with level scale. It is therefore easy to read the level of the tensiometer.

  • Simple to handle
  • Favourably priced because onlyone measurement instrument isrequired
  • Variable lengths in accordancewith the measurement

  • Tension range: 0 ... +85 kPa
  • Working temperature range: 0 ... +50 °C
  • Accuracy: ±0,3 kPa
  • Available standpipe lengths: Freely selectable up to max. 200 cm

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