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- High-Tech Peat Natural Oil Absorbent


Terrasorb is a 100% organic, natural product developed for oil spill an chemical disaster, it works on Land also on Sea. Terrasorb has open chambers with encapsulate hydrocarbons, rather than attaching to outer surfaces as they do with clay-products. No leaching or residue will be left to clean up. Terrasorb absorb is compacted by factor 4 of the base material, it soaks up extreme quickly oil or fuel spill. It is no problem to bring out by windy or stormy weather. Terrasoxs are Soxs filled with Terrasorb, available are Soxs from 2 litre until 6 litre volume.

Another important properties are:

  • minimal weight by maximal absorbtion
    • 1 litre Terrasorb absorb ca: 0,375l massive oil
    • reactiontime: 2-3 Seconds
  • colour: earth-brown, 100% organic Material, without any chemical additives, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-abrasive simple clearing afer use
  • will reduce up to 95% of combustible vapours upon application due to its high suppression capacity. Thus, Terrasorb can aid in the prevention of potential accidents stemming from spill.
  • recovery after cleanup in industrial waste incineration, 2% ash
  • fire resistant up to 280 degree
  • approval Germany Type I R+II R (Proof number 53 0537 6 92)
  • unlimited storable (by dry storage)
  • packed by 10,20 or 50l Bags
  • also available in Soxs, and Mini-Booms, Pillows
  • in 1800 litre Bigbags

Field of application:

  • constant oil dripping machinery, or splices
  • on water (Booms)
  • oil separator, surfaces- or Rain aquatic equipment,
  • firefighter, Highway control, industry, automotive supply industry
  • harbor stations, ships, garages, truck service, etc

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