- Inclined Plate Hydrodynamic Separator


Terre Kleen is a patented, (6,676,832 B2), inclined plate hydrodynamic separator that captures gross pollutants, hydrocarbons, grease and sediment from stormwater runoff.

Laboratory testing has confirmed:

  • Terre Kleen captures pollutants, including sediment of 20 micron in size and larger.
  • Terre Kleen's internal by-pass structure prevents the loss of gross pollutants during high flow events, with no scour or re-suspension of captured pollutants with no restriction of the water flow.

Terre Kleen's stacked, inclined plate sedimentation design provides a large sedimentation area in a small footprint, prevents re-suspension of captured pollutants or by-pass of untreated stormwater, and continuously captures pollutants from 'first flush' until the end of the storm.

  • Site-Specific Modular Design
  • Multiple pollutant removal
  • Stacked inclined plates provide large sedimentation area within a compact space
  • Internal by-pass allows capture of gross pollutants during high flow events
  • Protected sediment storage area prevents re-suspension or scour of captured pollutants
  • Low cost, time-saving installation
  • Low maintenance cost (fewest gallons per sedimentation area)
  • Documentation of pollutant and nutrient removal for Sediment and Nutrient Reduction Credits trading.

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