Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

- Low Hose Connection Points


The TESI Truck Spill-Barrow was designed for easy, one person, temporary positioning under tanker truck drain hose fittings, or under hose connection manifolds at liquid transfer sites. It is far safer to use the Spill-Barrow than to attempt to move the commonly-used sawed-off 55 gallon plastic drum, which is prone to slip. Most models weigh only around 60 lbs., so they can be easily transported from one use location to another. The large 60-inch by 30-inch pan holds 40 gallons, yet can be safely rolled out from under any release source. A convenient 3/4-inch NPT stainless coupling is provided for attaching either a valve or pump for draining. If stored in a vertical, leaning position it prevents rainwater collection. The front end is designed with a reservoir to retain any liquid residue after being emptied.

The Trans Environmental Systems, Inc., TESI, two-wheeled roll-under spill pan, the Spill-Barrow, is designed to roll under many types of low hose connection points. The usual hopper car connection for pneumatic unloading is outboard of the rails. The Spill-Barrow can be rolled on rough ballast or even on light snow right up to this connection point to collect any releases. The flat-bottom design speeds cleaning. It can be easily emptied by a vacuum or by shoveling it out. Powder or pellet releases captured in the Spill-Barrow can just be sucked up into the storage bin without worry of contamination with ballast rocks, gravel or dirt.

Available in mild steel/epoxy, Cor-Ten, stainless steel, aluminum and with a fiberglass box. A 2″ NPT hub connection for hose connecting to “full volume” containment can be provided.

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