Testwell Instruments

Testwell Instruments

- Model Smart Series - Dual Mode Oil Waters Interface Meter


Features: Designed and manufactured to be intrinsically safe. Measures floating/sinking product layers as thin as 1 mm or 1 /16'. Fully sealed pressure proof probe for DNAPIs and LNAPLs. Choice of 5/8' or 7/16 diameter probes for 1/2 ID' wells. Smart Meter can be used to control pump for solvent recovery. Solid audible tone and light for oil with pulsing tone and light for water.


Probe Specs

  • Fulfy sealed pressure proof to over 2000 PSI, ideal for DNAPLs
  • 5/8* stainless steel probe with heavy duty shroud
  • 7/16' probe for direct push 1/2' ID wells
  • Low cost user repairable/replaceable probe is detachable

Tape Specs

  • High tensile spring steel core yellow tapes with Tefzel or polyethylene coated numbers, very wear resistant
  • White polyethylene Kevlar reinforced tape
  • Marked with red numbers in meters or feet with black numbers in cm or 1/1 Oof afoot
  • Graduated in 1/100 of a foot or 1mm markings in black

  • Fully sealed waterproof electronics module
  • Soft conformal coating and encapsulant ensures long term reliability of electronics
  • PUMP draw down function/product recovery pump control at no extra cost

  • Sturdy steel frame is coated in polyurethane for durability
  • Precision machined nylon hub. stainless steel axle and bearing
  • Third hand well casing hanger and guide protects tape and reel

Protect Your Investment
A built in tape guide and well casing hook and protector keeps the tape Insulation from being damaged and keeps the reel out of harm's way off the ground

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