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De Nora Water Technologies offers the TETRA Denite system that combines the denitrification and filtration process for the removal of nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N) and suspended solids (SS) in a single treatment step. Denite is a fixed-film biological denitrification process that also serves as a deep bed filtration system capable of removing suspended solids to virtually any final effluent requirement. The system integrates well with other plant treatment processes to provide superior total nitrogen (TN) below 3 mg/l and phosphorous removal.

  • Effective removal of nitrate-nitrogen
  • Proprietary TETRAPace automatic dosing control offers savings of up to 30% in carbon consumption
  • Patented SpeedBump operation removes accumulated gas that can build up in the filter. This can be accomplished without removing the reactor from service.
  • Consistent and proven performance - even with low water temperatures
  • Small footprint one tenth of the size of a conventional suspended growth system.
  • Low levels of wastewater return - less than 4% (<2% typical) of the plant’s forward flow

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