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- Model SAF - Submerged Aerated Filters



The TETRA SAF submerged aerated filters are a simple process for the biological oxidation of ammonia-nitrogen (NH3-N) and BOD for both municipal and industrial wastewaters.  TETRA SAF is an upflow, fixed-film biological reactor that uses coarse media requiring no backwashing.

  • Exceptional performance, reliability, flexibility
  • No backwashing required
  • Small footprint
  • Low operational and maintenance cost savings over competitive systems.
  • A robust, small footprint system
  • Can be used for either secondary treatment (SAF/cSAF) or as a tertiary (nitrification) stage (NSAF)

In addition, the TETRA Nitrifying SAF (NSAF), is a robust solution, based on established TETRA SAF technology for tertiary ammonia removal. The up-flow, fixed film biological system represents a simple, proven and cost effective way of achieving ammonia standards down to as low as 1 mg/l on a 95 percentile basis.

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