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The Aerobic Landfill System



How it works: Injection System Distributes Oxygen throughout the Landfill. Aerobic Micro-Organisms Replace Aerobic Microbes. Landfill Is Converted to an Aerobic Bioreactor. System is Capable of Maintaining Either Positive or Negative Pressures.

Environmental Benefits:
- eliminates a major source of greenhouse gas
- provides a large 'greenhouse gas offset'
- accelerates waste decomposition
- reduces landfill odour emissions
- shortens the 'contaminating lifespan' due to rapid stabilization Cost Benefits:
- increase the total site capacity due to reduction of mass
- extends site life and increases total waste revenues
- reduces long-term maintenance and monitoring costs
- system costs are less than landfill gas collection/flaring systems


Existing Operations & Pilot Systems:
- a full scale aerobic landfill system has been in operation at the Donlands Landfill (Toronto, Ontario) for more than 18 years
- the 'Bio-Puster Method' (a patented landfill aeration system) has been used in Austria since 1991
- aerobic bioreactors are in common use in Japan
- pilot aerobic landfill study completed in 1999 in Simcoe County, Ontario
- pilot aerobic landfill studies are being carried out in France and Australia
- several U.S. pilot studies

Future Applications:
- remote landfills, where gas utilization is not possible
- small to medium size municipal landfills (up to 5 million tonnes)
- closed landfills (up to 40 years)
- large compost operations

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