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Six 'front-end' configurations are offered with the FLUMP and Rotomite sludge removal systems – (1) the  powerful 'Cobra' cutterhead; (2) an Auger type weed cutterhead, (3) a Reel type weed cutterhead, (4) a siphon manifold, (5) a vacuum or suction system, and (6) a Pond Liner Protection System. Each front-end is offered in a range of sizes, materials, and coatings. For example, the Cobra cutterhead is available in widths of 4 feet, 8.5 feet, and 11 feet. Crisafulli builds the Cobra from carbon steel used in most applications, or stainless steel for highly caustic environments. In addition, each front-end is offered with or without a pond liner protection system. Each front-end is engineered for maximum efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness.

Crisafulli engineered the Cobra with dual opposing auger sections and hardened steel replaceable digging tines. Two high-torque, low speed hydraulic motors, each with 5,500 inch/pounds of digging torque, drive the Cobra cutterhead, for a total of 11,000 inch/pounds of torque in the optional dual drive Cobra (19,000 inch/pounds in the new Rotomite-8000).Cobra cutterheadCobra’s design incorporates a shroud to minimize water intrusion, and opposing augers (which drive dredged material directly to the center, directly in front of the pump intake) to maximize solids capture.

To dredge compacted or hardened settled wastes, such as fly ash, sediments, or mine tailings, select the Cobra Cutterhead, whose cutting teeth are stronger and sharper than those on horizontal auger cutterheads built by competitors. Less of each Cobra cutter tooth contacts the material to be dredged to concentrate digging torque over a smaller surface area. To ensure extended wear life, Crisafulli hardens the surface of the leading edge of the Cobra’s cutter teeth, the edge that does the real cutting work.
Depending on horsepower and pump size, a Cobra Cutterhead on a FLUMP or Rotomite-6000 can process up to 150 cubic yards of sludge per hour, and, on the Rotomite-8000, a Cobra Cutterhead can process up to 325 cubic yards of sludge per hour. Crisafulli believes its Cobra Cutterhead is the most effective horizontal auger cutterhead offered by any manufacturer worldwide.

Shown above is the 8.5' Cobra Cutterhead. Notice the shroud above and behind the auger. Optionally. the cutterhead can have a special coal tar epoxy coating. Notice, too, the hydraulic motor mounted on the end of the cutterhead that drives the auger. The Cobra Cutterhead helps make FLUMPs and Rotomites powerful and efficient sludge removal systems.


weed cutterhead- auger styleWhen your canal or pond is choked with aquatic vegetation, and you must also remove the sediment, sludge or silt which has settled to the bottom, Crisafulli provides the perfect solution. You can handle weeds & wastes at the same time, with a Weed Handling Cutterhead mounted on your SRS dredge. Designed to cut, dredge and pump simultaneously, this weed handling system is designed to be self-cleaning. As the cutting teeth pass through a steel comb assembly, the comb actually removes the weeds from the teeth & feeds them to the pump. Of course, both the teeth & combs are easily replaceable, for minimal maintenance and optimum performance. This Crisafulli Weed Handling Cutterhead is available in 96' and 102' dth configurations, for use on Crisafulli FLUMPs and ROTOMITEs.


reel type weed cutterheadTo deal with the widespread problem of removing or harvesting aquatic vegetation, in collaboration with a vendor with years of experience with reel type lawn mowers, Crisafulli developed a unique and patented weed cutterhead for Rotomites and FLUMPs. Crisafulli’s new and improved weed handling cutterhead incorporates a proven “rotating reel” design which shears material along the length of an adjustable bed knife to ensure uniform handling and shearing. The Weed Cutterhead utilizes no vertical tines, virtually eliminating grabbing and wrapping of weeds and stringy, fibrous materials.

The cutterhead integrates an open intake feature that ensures passage of solids and sheared materials and prevents clogging. Crisafulli offers the new Weed Cutterhead in single or dual motor configurations with cutting torque of up to 11,000 inch/pounds. See image above.


Engineered very much like the suction head on a vacuum cleaner you might have at home, the Crisafulli Vacuum Front-End comes in a range of sizes to meet the customer’s needs. The dimensions of the siphon width and opening are engineered to customer specifications and will depend on the application. The suction is influenced by the depth of the cutterhead below the surface of the water. The Vacuum Cutterhead can process up to 100 cubic yards of sludge per hour with near zero turbidity. The Vacuum Cutterhead is designed to work only with the Crisafulli Pond Liner Protection System, and is most effective when used in applications where the solids are only loosely settled on the pond bottom.

Shown above is a vacuum “cutterhead” attached to a FLUMP under construction on the Shop floor in Glendive, Montana. The pump is visible directly behind the triangular vacuum head, which, in turn, is mounted on the Crisafulli Pond Liner Protection System - i.e., the two wheels connected by an axle.

The Vacuum Cutterhead shown above attached to a FLUMP built in 2003 for a major US industrial company.


Commissioners of Public Works, City of Charleston, South Carolina purchased a standard duty FLUMP and removed and replaced the cutterhead with a siphon manifold. The modified FLUMP enabled the City to remove solids from its Hanahan Water Treatment Plant at a rate of 300 to 500 gallons per minute on a daily basis without affecting water quality. Thereafter the City purchased a second FLUMP and made the same modification to the cutterhead. The two units enabled the City to solve two major problems at its Hanahan Water Treatment Plant - (a) keeping the two major basins in service while removing solids on a continuous basis, and (b) eliminating a frequent solids loading problem enabling the City’s solids handling facility to function as designed without overload. Now, with the use of the modified standard duty FLUMPS, the City only drains the basins annually for a scheduled routine cleaning and maintenance.


Since many municipal and industrial settling ponds are lined with an impermeable membrane rather than concrete, Crisafulli engineered a pond liner protection system that prevents the cutterhead from cutting or damaging the pond liner. The Crisafulli Pond Liner Protection System “PLPS” can be attached to any Crisafulli cutterhead. Comprised of two small wheels mounted on an axle, the PLPS raises the cutterhead a few inches above the pond liner and enables the cutterhead to roll along the pond bottom. See image on right showing Pond Liner Protection System on a FLUMP.

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