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- Portable Gas Detector - VOC Leak Detector (EPA Method 21)



The Gas Sniper features PPM , %LEL or %Volume measurement capability to address a wide range of monitoring requirements. The Gas Sniper detects and monitors a wide range of standard gases including many toxic gases (refer to Gas Sensor Selection Table). In addition, the Gas Sniper’s ability to simultaneously detect up to ‘6’ gases provides users with the ability to configure multiple gas monitoring combinations never before offered in a portable gas monitor. For quick response and recovery from distant sampling locations, the Gas Sniper utilizes an internal pump to draw samples up to 125 feet and utilizes hydrophobic filters to prevent moisture contamination. The Gas Sniper will continuously operate for up to 30 hours on alkaline batteries or 18 hours on Ni-Cad batteries.

A high resolution LCD screen provides easy viewing of all measurements, alarms and operating status. The Gas Sniper offers convenient access to all control functions such as auto-calibration, alarm silence, demand zero, peak hold and other features. Each standard gas monitoring channel has ‘2’ alarm levels (setpoints) plus TWA and STEL alarms for the toxic channels. The alarm levels are adjustable and can be latching or self-resetting.

The Gas Sniper is furnished with several standard accessory items including: shoulder strap, alkaline batteries, hydrophobic probe, sampling hose, internal hydrophobic filter, and instruction manual. Certain toxic gas applications are equipped with a special probe, inlet fitting and teflon sampling hose (for HF and O3 versions, the Teflon hose is used without a probe).

The Gas Sniper Portable Gas Detector is one of the most versatile portable gas monitors available in the market today. The Gas Sniper has the capability to monitor up to ‘6’ gases simultaneously and is ideal for performing EPA Method 21 fugitive emission monitoring of volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks from process equipment. Potential leak sources include:

  • Valves, seals, drains, other connections
  • Pressure relief devices and vents
  • Pumps and compressors

EPAMethod 21 requires the use of a monitoring instrument that meets a series of specifications and performance criteria. Additional information can be found under EPA 40 CFR Ch.1, Pt.60, App.A, Method 21.

  • Simultaneous detection of up to ‘6’ different gases
  • Detects over ‘25’ gases including a wide range of toxic gases
  • Ergonomic design allows easy handling and transport
  • PPM & LEL hydrocarbon detection
  • High resolution LCD operating screen provides clear display of gas concentrations, alarms and diagnostic data
  • Low flow alarm shuts pump off to avoid damage
  • Hydrophobic filters standard in sensing probe
  • Autocalibration
  • Single gas calibration capability
  • Methane elimination switch for environmental applications
  • Security “Adjustment Lockout” Switch
  • Alkaline or Ni-Cad battery operation
  • Up to 30 hours of continuous operation
  • Data-logging Kit option (up to ‘4’ gases only)
  • Remote alarm(s) option
  • Carry Case option (for base unit and accessories)
  • Extension Sensing Probes

The Gas Sniper can be calibrated on any number of compounds; however, methane is most typical as it provides the best response factors to other substances.

Once the instrument is turned on, the internal system automatically checks the battery voltage and selects the sensitivity range desired. A maximum of 30 seconds is all that is needed for instrument warm up. And although not required by EPA Method 21, the Gas Sniper is constructed with a built-in audible/visual alarm, as well as a Serial port for downloading data from the optional Data Logging System.

Depending on the specific gas being monitored, the Gas Sniper utilizes catalytic combustion, electrochemical cell, galvanic cell and infrared sensor technologies to accurately detect gases within several full scale ranges. These sensors provide accurate measurement for the target gas being monitored and are designed for continuous duty with the following features:

  • Linear Output
  • High Accuracy; Superior Repeatability
  • Immune to Ambient Temperature Changes
  • Low Power Consumption

An integral, extremely low power suction pump provides a continuous, steady sample flow to provide accurate and repeatable measurements. Sample flow to the gas sensor is regulated and consistently monitored.

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