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According to recent statistics, about 30% of the current MSW waste stream is recycled (1). The equipment utilized in the Pellet product system, enables the efficient processing of residential MSW which results in the recovery of at least an additional 8-10 percent of the MSW in the form of recyclables by removing materials such as Type 1 and 2 plastics, aluminium, tin, and glass.

The process starts with the delivery of MSW to the plant by the garbage pick-up trucks used by the Regions in their residential neighbourhoods. The MSW is dropped on to a tip floor, with the mobile grapple operator moving any obvious hazardous or large materials to the side for either later use or disposal. The remaining material is then dropped into a Shredder and onto a incline conveyor with a magnetic head pulley to separate metals then onto a onto a three tear vibrating finger screen where smaller items are drop through on to a conveyor, and sent back to the Upping floor into a large roll off bin, 95% of this fraction is dirt, gravel, ect. The remaining waste passes onto a belt conveyor were magnets remove ferrous and none ferrous items; the waste continues in to an air separation system where the heavy fraction falls out onto a conveyor ferrous and none ferrous magnets remove any metals left behind from the reaming waste continues through the system.

The product then continues through the air separation system were the next separation takes place and the light heavy fraction falls out onto a conveyor ferrous and none ferrous magnets remove any metals which are dropped into small roll off bins the remaining waste then goes to the Optical separator PVC is removed from the system and sent to the bailer, the remaining waste continues through the system. This meets with the rest of the MSW out of the air separation system and continues to the shredders, the waste is shredded to a 2″ particle, the waste is them sent by conveyor to a fiberizer the waste is broken down into a fluff which is like (blown insulation) the product is then conveyed to a large live bottom hopper. This stored material is then mixed with high BTU materials such as plastic or other acceptable materials and then pelletized and stored for sale and transportation to their final destination for use as an alternate fuel.

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