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Safeguard Your Workplace with Wisconsin Oven Thermal Incinerators: small fume Wisconsin Oven Corporation designs and builds thermal incinerators for oxidizing the fumes from the exhaust streams of ovens. Most often, the contaminants are smoke, paint fumes, or solvents. We manufacture fume incinerators, but we do not manufacture incinerators for processing solid waste.


The exhaust airstream is raised to approximately 1,500°F. through the incinerator, and held at this temperature for 0.7 to 1.0 seconds. The resultant exhaust is primarily water and carbon dioxide. We offer flow capacities of 200 to 20,000 SCFM, and destructive efficiencies up to 99%, as defined by EPA test method 25A. The small unit shown at upper right is designed to remove smoke and vapors produced by heating lubricating oil during a spring tempering process. It is rated for 325 SCFM, and has a maximum temperature of 1,500°F.

large thermal incineratorThe large unit shown at bottom is located on the roof of the building and designed to incinerate vapors produced by a strip cure oven. It is rated for 18,000 SCFM, with 15,000,000 BTUH burner and has a maximum temperature of 1,500°F.

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