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ERG can assist you in complying with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED 2010/75/EU). With 40 years of experience of gas and flue gas treatment, ERG’s specialist engineers are able to design integrated systems which meet the needs of your local environmental regulations while still offering the most cost-effective waste to energy consumption solution.

For VOC destruction, ERG can supply:
  • Thermal oxidizers, after burners, pyrolysis chambers, recuperative and regenerative thermal oxidisers.

For flue / hot gas treatment, ERG’s systems include

  • Flue gas cooling, PAC and lime injection systems, ceramic filters, bag filters, ESP/WESPs, wet scrubbers (venturi, packed tower, tray) and high temperature (SNCR) and low temperature DeNOx and carbon filters

For hazardous liquid and solid waste destruction, ERG offers:

  • Toxic waste & VOC destruction thermal oxidisers.
  • Solid waste incinerators (Beverley range), advancing hearth / rotary kilns.

For precious metal recovery, ERG’s unique systems include:

  • Pyrolysis / oxidisation units using the Beverley Pyrocat design.

For energy recovery, ERG can provide systems which include:

  • Thermal fluid heaters and heat recovery banks.
  • Gas to gas heat exchangers.
  • Steam raising boilers.

All of our thermal systems and equipment can be tailored to comply with European Norms, American (National Fire and Prevention Authority) standards or your industry or national specifications:

  • EN 746 – 1: Common Safety Requirements for Industrial Thermo-processing Equipment
  • EN 746 – 2: Safety Requirements for Combustion and Fuel Handling Equipment
  • EN 298: Automatic Gas Burner Control Systems
  • NFPA 82: Incinerators
  • NFPA 86: Ovens and Furnaces

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