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Standard specifications on equipment shelters include an exterior aggregate finish, a 3’ x 7’ steel door and skid assembly with rust preventive paint. Concrete equipment shelters can range from 6’ x 6’ to 12’ x 38’ and can include a separate generator room.

Thermo Bond Buildings can be fully integrated with electrical, networking and back-up power prior to shipment.

Equipment shelters with two doors usually indicate a generator room.
Buildings can included interior and exterior integration with Transferswitch, HVAC and Waveguide ports.
WHEREVER you need an equipment shelter, our highly experienced engineering and production teams are ready to provide a cost-efficient design. We get the job done by offering unlimited solutions in custom factory-built shelters, of any size and shape.

At Thermo Bond Buildings there is no such thing as a “standard” shelter or floor plan — we will not ask you to accept unwanted items or compromise anything you need. Every shelter we build is designed, engineered and delivered to meet your site requirements and aesthetics – including a reliable integrated electrical system, cable entry, ladders, HVAC and lighting; in addition to specified alarms and backup components.

Concrete Telecommunication and Equipment Shelters
Our Steel Reinforced Pre-Cast Concrete Buildings are ideally suited for use as a ground mounted telecommunication and equipment shelter. Because the floor structure is concrete, they can be placed directly on the ground without concern for deterioration resulting from damp conditions. The six sided concrete structure is inherently secure, bullet resistant and highly resistant to vandalism. When you buy our telecommunication shelter, you’ll only buy it once.

  • Resist hurricane-force winds of 150 m.p.h. (minimum)
  • 5,000 PSI lightweight solid concrete walls better resists flying debris.
  • Bullet resistant up to and including 30:06 caliber rifle fired at point blank range.
  • Resist all boring insects – eliminating the cost of treatments or extermination.
  • Energy efficient & maintains temperature setting during brief thermal swings.
  • Bolted & welded as opposed to nailed (nails can loosen under stress)
  • Resists mold & mildew.


  • Floor Loading: 200 PSF — reinforced concrete w/ step joint design
  • Roof Loading: 150 PSF — reinforced concrete, with 1/4' per foot roof slope to eaves.
  • Wind Loading: 150 MPH — steel-reinforced concrete walls


  • Conforms to ACI-318 building code requirements for reinforced concrete.
  • Lightweight Concrete — minimum compressive strength of 5000 PSI at 28 days.
  • Steel reinforcing bars are billet steel conforming to ASTM A-615 grade 60 specifications.
  • Concrete coverage over all steel conforms to ACI-318 building code.
  • All rebar is tied or welded


  • Foil-faced rigid board insulation on walls & roof.
  • White embossed FRP laminated interior walls & ceiling.
  • Commercial-grade flooring tile.
  • 16 gauge doors w/14 gauge frame, galvanized steel primed & painted.
  • Vinyl cove base molding.


  • Urethane sealant inside and outside joints.
  • Exterior wall surface sprayed with penetrating sealant.
  • Roof, troweled and broom finish w/ elastomeric coating applied.

Other Application for Industrial Pre-Cast Concrete Buildings

Our pre-cast concrete buildings are very well suited to a multitude of applications beyond the telecommunications industry. Our Industrial Shelters are naturally bullet resistant, vandal resistant, durable and strong, making them perfect for remote locations or applications that require a secure facility. Any of our industrial shelters are available without a floor and can be set on a concrete slab at the project location. This is especially helpful if the shelter is being used to enclose piping or pumps. Some of the other uses for pre-cast concrete buildings are:

  • Electrical Equipment Shelter
  • Emergency Generator Housing
  • Pump House
  • Guard or Sentry Booth
  • Press Box for Athletic Events
  • Concession Stand
  • Remote Restroom Facilities
  • General Storage
  • Weather & Environmental Monitoring Stations
  • Storage for Hazardous Materials
  • Storage for Athletic Equipment
  • Storage for Tools and Equipment
  • Animal Shelter

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