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Why should you choose our Metal Buildings? Our engineering team will work with you from project inception to completion, making sure your specifications and project goals are met without exception. Our prices are very competitive in the metal building market without sacrificing any of the quality you demand or customer service you expect. From simple to complex, Thermo Bond’s pre-fabricated custom metal buildings reduce engineering, procurement and installation costs, keeping your project on time and on budget, and built to your specifications.

Thermo Bond’s manufacturing capabilities are adaptable to your specific needs. Our team is ready to help you at every step of the process. We also understand that change orders during the approval process, and subsequent construction may result in modifications to the original design which are a part of many projects. If this occurs, we can incorporate these changes, limiting any impact on your requested delivery date, and keeping your project on schedule. Whether your shelter needs include customer installed equipment, or simple electrical requirements, we have the solution. Integrated and installed systems such as AC/DC, relay & protection, control, motor control (MCC), power generation components or other applications, can be pre-tested for quality and reliability so you will be up and running as soon as your building is delivered.

Thermo Bond steel-framed metal buildings, are pre-assembled using the highest quality American made materials and are equipment-ready immediately after delivery and placement. Thermo Bond buildings are ideal for ground or rooftop applications and are available in clear span from 6 to 30 feet wide. Our buildings offer a wide range of exterior material options and packages allowing for faster zoning acceptance. In addition, our buildings are expandable to accommodate future needs. Thermo Bond’s prefabricated building features include an all-steel framework that permits flush wall framing on the interior and exterior, and are fully customizable with a number of accessory packages. Some of our features are:

  • Complete structural framework of galvanized steel. No self-framing panels.
  • Weatherproof construction with our standard overlapping architectural siding. Thermo Bond also has a wide variety of optional exterior options for you to pick from.
  • A roof with standard 2:12 slope that does not leak, with industrial Galvalume-steel standing seam,Multi Ribbed or Mega Ribbed roofing panels. Excellent thermal efficiency with more insulation, and a thermal break between the exterior siding and building framework. That means no direct transmission of heat or cold into the building through wall panels.
  • Resin-based Kynar 500 PVDF architectural coating on exterior panels and roofing with up to 40 year finish warranties. The coatings are baked on, resist general air pollution, and will not pit or whiten when exposed to moist environments such as rain, dew, fog, acid rain and chlorinated air.
  • External panels that can be repaired or replaced entirely from the outside of the building, without removing the interior, wall-mounted equipment or liner panels, and no disruption of on-line services.
  • Flush-mounted interior liner panels with detailed trim installation and finishing and no visible fasteners.

  • Battery room
  • Cable trays
  • Electrical with options for
Hazardous Class I, Division 1 
or 2 environments
  • Fire suppression / detection
  • Humidity control
  • HVAC system with optional
 presurization and redundancy
  • Lighting
  • Security systems
  • Telco/data ports
  • AC/DC requirements
  • DC Power systems including batteries charger & panel
  • Interior ground bus or cable
  • Safety equipment, including fire extinguisher and eye wash

Building Benefits:

  • Ridged framed construction
  • Solid base with minimal deflection
  • Solid web trusses
  • R Values and Fire Ratings to meet state and local requirements
  • Factory manufactured for superior quality control
  • Competitive pricing and on time delivery
  • Design flexibility
  • Identical prefabricated buildings and accessories, regardless of location Readily expandable units
  • Floor or no-floor options
  • Ground or rooftop applications
  • Available from 6 to 30 feet wide
  • Options for faster zoning acceptance
  • Experienced design support, and complete building plans available
  • Thermo Bond Quality Program

Common Applications:

  • Substation electrical control house
  • Medium/Low voltage switchgear
  • Oil & Gas
  • UPS Systems
  • Wind farm substations
  • Solar collector buildings
  • Data Centers
  • Switch gear enclosures
  • Power distribution Centers
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • Pump Systems
  • Waste Water Systems

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