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Thermo MIRAN SapphIRe


Thermo MIRAN SapphIRe FEATURES:  Easy to use  Selective  Sensitive for sub-ppm detection  Versatile and upgradable  Lightweight and portable The MIRAN SapphIRe Series of Ambient Air Analyzers is the most versatile gas detection system on the market today. Use of infrared spectroscopy provides the MIRAN SapphIRe Analyzers with the unique ability to specifically and accurately measure many gases with a single unit. The Analyzer’s wavelength generator has a unique design that allows accurate and fast wavelength selection. This feature alone separates the MIRAN SapphIRe Analyzer from other gas analyzers. The MIRAN SapphIRe Series comes in three models to fit specific needs of the customer. CIC Photonics, Inc. has recently signed an agreement with Thermo to resell the MIRAN SapphIRe to selective market segments. For additional information: Contact or MIRAN is a registered trademark of Thermo Environmental Instruments Inc.

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