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- Model NANO - High Sample Recovery Nano Filter Vials



Thomson's filtration products are engineered and optimized to increase the efficiency of sample preparation without compromising the results. Our filter vials are manufactured with attention to detail and high-grade quality to ensure performance at optimal levels. The filter vials find a wide variety of applications ranging from life sciences, drug discovery, monitoring and analysis. They are universal for all different types of autosamplers including UHPLC.

  • Minimum Volume 10µL
  • Eliminates High Recovery Vials, Glass Inserts, Syringe Filters, Syringe & Caps
  • Eliminates Centrifugation
  • Simple to Use for Fast Filtration
  • Easy to Press Down with Toggle Press
  • Saves Costly Repairs & Service Issues
  • Don't Risk Your UPLC, HPLC, GC, LCMS, or GCMS Systems

The Thomson nano-Filter Vials (patented) work on most standard Autosamplers, and are designed to speed up sample prep and analysis, while, allowing for minimal volume sample loss (10µL) before analysis. The ease of use will make the SINGLE StEP nano-Filter Vial essential in all laboratories. The introduction of Capillary and Nano UHPLC machines have expanded the use of limited sample volumes (between 10µL and 100µL) thus, making the nano-Filter Vial indispensable.

The unique SINGLE StEP nano-Filter Vial design allows for minimal sample loss during filtration. The low minimum volume of 10µL makes the nano-Filter Vials suitable for all applications where minimizing sample loss is critical.

PTFE nano Filter Vials

Hydrophobic membrane for use with samples containing >50% organic solvents.

PVDF nano Filter Vials

  • General use, low protein binding membrane for use with samples containing

Nylon nano-Filter Vials
Membrane for hydrophilic samples including environmental applications.

PES nano Filter Vials
General use, low protein binding membrane for aqueous samples, mostly used for mammalian cell culture (antibodies and proteins).

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