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- Model VTP37 - Airport Thermohygro Meter with Fog Detection



The VTP37  is a ventilated, heated thermometer Combined    with  a  mirror-type dew point  hygrometer. The instrument is designed for field   Operation and meets the highest diemands as to reliability and accuracy even under the most severe environme ntal conditions.

  • meets the highest demands as to reliability and accuracy
  • Ventilated, heated air-thermometer
  • Automatically regulated mechanical cleaning of the dew point mirror for maintenance-free operation
  • Connectable to PC, Modem, GSM

VTP37 Airport has additional abilitiy to detect Fog. Fog detection is made by measuring oversaturated water content, and reported in 3 Steps:
1=danger of fog
2=light fog (visibility -150...300m)
3=heavy fog (visibility <150m)

Its special features include:
Cyclic operation which allows automatic control and regulation of the most important functions.The VTP37 measures the air temperature and dew point temperature about ten times within 40 seconds every ten  minutes. The  instrument delivers the average   values   together   with   their   standard deviations, allowing the quality of the data to be checked.

  • For special  applications, continuous operation can be selected by software command.
  • The influence of moisture (psychrometric effect), radiation, icing, wind and electromagnetic interference (from radio transmitters) have been virtually eliminated.
  • Low power consumption permits battery operation (without heater).
  • Automatically regulated mechanical cleaning of the dew point mirror allows maintenance-free operation.
  • Automatic differentiation between ice and water films on the mirror.The type of deposit is distinguished in the calculation of the relative humidity. The humidity measurements are supplied either as relative humidity over water or as dew point/frost point (selection by software command).
  • Control identifier indicates the operating state of the sensor.
  • VTP37 is using exactly the same measurement system as the VTP6 which is recommended as a working reference by World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
  • The VTP37 is available with MeteoBus or RS232 interface

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