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The Ticino bin, with its unique teardrop-shape is unique. The design has been developed by the Mondini team, and it is the best seller of the range.

It can be developed in several versions:

  • Inlet door with a contribution of 35, 60, 80 or 110 lit.
  • Light version for differentiablewaste (without inlet door, with only the inlet hole) or Mod version (with inlet door and inlet hole). The normal version for USW has only the inlet door for the insertion of bags, and can be with or without pedal

various kits, such as the handle for the disabled and / or the tablet deodorant

  • This bin can be equipped with an electronic access control: the kinetic energy which is created  during the opening of the inlet door, generates by itself the energy which is needed to keep the battery charged. This system, patented by Mondini, allows to monitor the events of waste contribution by the citizens, all through badge / identification card.

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