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Model TMS REV - Reversible Shredders



Shredder REVERSIBLE with lateral hydraulic movement – three point attachment for tractors from 35 to 75 HP - from 26 to 56 KW. Suitable for reverse guide tractors and for tractors with front attachment. Can be applied to the tractor both in the front position than in the rear position. The shredder is available also in the fixed version


  • Sheet steel structure
  • Adjustable double three point attachment
  • Sliding on chrome plated shaft with guide made out of low friction coefficient material
  • Hydraulic piston complete with rubbers for the attachment to the tractor
  • Side drive with 4 notched belts
  • Rotary shaft of increased thickness and increased diameter equipped to fit hammer, blades or knives, electronically balanced
  • Steel rotor supports with sealed self-aligned bearings guard
  • Counterblade
  • Front protection in ribbed sheet metal
  • With cardan shaft


  • Rounded right side panel
  • Lateral skids
  • Forked connector

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