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Model TMZ 50 Series - Micronizers Pulverizers


TMZ 50 series micronizers (pulverizers) are designed for fine grinding of pre-granulated plastic products such as profiles, pipes, extrusion products, film and fibre, virgin material pellets and rubber. Besides the plastics industry, they have similar applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for micron grade size reduction. 6-8mm pre-granulated material is finely and precisely ground between two high speed discs with different teeth profiles according to specified material. Compact, space saving design. Full compatibility to different grinding applications and requirements. Discs can be replaced in minimum time. Distance between discs are simply and precisely adjusted from outside the machine. Material to be ground is centrically fed by a dosing unit. Ground material is discharged from inside the chamber by a blower fan.

Material passage time inside the grinding chamber is very low which reduces heat stress. High peripheral speed and ideal teeth profiles of the discs provides maximum throughput with minimum energy consumption.

Disc life expectancy is comparatively longer.

  • Disc Diameter : 500 mm
  • Motor Power : 55 kW
  • Throughput : 150 -1000 kg/hr
  • Blower Fan Motor : 7.5 Kw
  • Cooling Water : 10 lt/hr

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