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Model TNC - Spirols Aerators



TNC Spirols aerators have been built near Bangkok since 2001 by an experienced & well known shrimp farmer in Thailand who is always looking for solutions to keep being more efficient in his activities: Mr.Thanachock. After several adjustments based on real experience in his ponds, he deposited in 2004 a full file to ask for a pattern, which was given to him by the Thailand Government authorities in 2006. In 8 years time, TNC has produced and sold over 15,000 units.

Until 2010, TNC used to sell its aerators only to Thai shrimp farmers. Since last year, through TNC Innovations and now with the international support of Innov’Aquaculture,TNC is targeting at the whole world of aquaculture: shrimp but also fish and any other aqua-farming activity needing a reliable, energy-efficient and long lasting aerator.

  1. More efficient in increasing D.O. than other types of paddlewheel or air-jet
  2. Consume less fuel, diesel or electricity (very economical) per kg of O2 added
  3. Made from strong, durable material (HDPE) making it long-lasting
  4. Easy to install, transport, or store
  5. Less maintenance; less parts
  6. Efficient in water movement down to 2.0 meters in depth at least.
 Spirol Aerator Materials
  1. The Spirols and their blades are made from thick HDPE.
  2. Each Spirol: 15 cm diameter. 150 cm length.
  3. Blades: cylindrical 3.8 cm diameter. 70 cm length. 5 holes drilled at the ends of each blade. 28 blades per Spirol
  4. Turning coupling made from iron. 3.56 cm diameter. 70 cm length.
Electric & power specifications
  1. Electric (voltage according to the country specifications) or diesel engine.
  2. For electric engines, 1 HP & 1 Amp. for each Spirol, i.e. 3 HP = 3 Spirols with 3 Amp.
  3. Motor can be installed between Spirols or on one side to avoid water splashing
  4. Rpm: > 90. 120 rpm for 2 Spirols units, 160 rpm from 3 Spirols units
  5. In option an electric saving control box: thanks to a specifically designed condenser set, the consumed electricity is reduced for the same power.

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