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- Model SH - Stepped Hearth Incinerators



The Surefire SH range of stepped hearth incinerators have been specifically developed for the efficient continuous destruction of waste, having a mid to high calorific value.

For the continuous 24/7 disposal of medical and general municipal wastes.

From 100kg/hour to several tonnes per hour

Automatic via a ram loader or feed hopper


Solid waste for combustion enters the vertical lift door from the ram loader at intervals of every 15-20 minutes, subject to the waste profile.

The primary chamber has three hearths in cascade. When introduced the waste resides on the upper hearth on to which the first hearth ignition burner is focused, to initiate dehydration and initial combustion of the waste. As the waste is dehydrated each subsequent load ploughs through the previous charge causing the waste to tumble and fall into the second hearth. The tumbling action of the waste falling from one hearth to the next breaks up the waste and exposes fresh faces of the waste to the combustion air ensuring complete burn out of the waste. With waste residing on the second hearth, a second primary burner ensures ignition of the waste previously insulated and now exposed through the tumbling action of the hearths.

Close control of the primary chamber combustion process is provided in the form of combustion airflow and distribution, waste feed flow and supplementary burner operation where necessary. Once the waste has been ignited, the elevated temperature will be recognized by the control system and the primary burners will stage low fire and then OFF.

To support combustion, pressurised air will be injected into the waste at each hearth level thus ensuring intimate mixing of the air and waste for good combustion. The amount of air introduced will be accurately metered by servo motor controlled valves, which will respond to changes in the combustion conditions. Should the waste be of a sufficiently low calorific value where self combustion cannot be sustained, the ignition burners will respond by progressively refiring.

Periodically a refractory hearth ram will advance into the chamber under hydraulic pressure sweeping waste off second hearth onto the final third hearth. Waste on the third hearth will be processed to ash by the introduction of air before it is finally discharged by the action of a second hearth ram into the sealed ash sump, which incorporates a grate to grade the ash, thus ensuring it is thoroughly burnt out. Air will be blown into the ash sump to complete combustion and to cool the ash. As demanded by the control system a hydraulically operated ash door will periodically open for several seconds releasing ash into ash conveyor.

The products of combustion will be transferred under negative pressure from the primary chamber via a refractory lined transfer duct into the adjacent secondary chamber.

  • 24 hour operation
  • Heavy steel construction
  • 1600°C grade hot face refractory lining
  • Calcium silicate insulation
  • Temperature controlled burners
  • Hydraulically operated hearths in cascade
  • Forced combustion air
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent Ash quality
  • User friendly controls
  • Auto ash discharge

  • Available to fire natural gas / lpg / diesel / kerosene / waste oil / bio fuels / tallow
  • Energy recovery

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