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- Model TS - Fixed Hearth Incinerators



The Surefire TS range of fixed hearth incinerators has numerous examples throughout the world and offers an efficient and environmentally clean solution to the problems associated with the disposal of a variety of waste types.

  • For the simple and cost effective disposal of bulk and batch loads of medical, general and animal remains wastes

  • Up to 300kg/hour in the standard format

The Plant will comprise of:

  • Manual Loading
  • Automatic Loading (subject to capacity)
  • Main combustion chamber
  • Secondary after burning emission control chamber
  • Discharge chimney

After removing ash from the cool chamber each morning, the plant will be cycled through a Pre-heat period. During this period the afterburner operates, to elevate the secondary chamber to temperature in excess of the temperature defined by the applicable environmental standard. Once this has been achieved, after about 15 minutes, and recognised by the control system the plant automatically cycles into a Burn Period.

A bulk load of bagged or loose waste is then introduced into the primary chamber either manually via the bulk and/or batch load doors or via the automatic loader.

With waste deposited on the hearth of the chamber, ignition will be provided by one or several Starved air gasification units Thermal oxidisers Sludge/liquid waste incinerators Waste oil combustion plant Waste to energy systems burners positioned to ensure efficient coverage of the hearth. Combustion air will also be provided by a fan in the form of high pressure, high velocity air, to strategic areas of the fire bed and secondary chamber.

The products of combustion from the primary chamber will exhaust into the secondary chamber located directly above the primary chamber for treatment. Within the secondary chamber additional heat and air are added to promote combustion in the gaseous phase. These gases will reside within the chamber at the minimum specified time and temperature, thus ensuring complete combustion of the volatile and solid particulate.

Treated gases will exit the secondary chamber, directly into the secondary chamber mounted refractory lined
exhaust chimney.

Continuous loading is carried out throughout the day, until the last charge has been introduced. Thereafter the operator may select Cool Down cycle. This function automatically ensures completion of the incineration process and cycles the unit through a controlled cooling and shut down process to enable safe removal of the ash the following morning, prior to start up.

The whole system is controlled and policed by a central relay logic control system.

  • Heavy Steel Shell
  • Cylinderical chambers for strength
  • 1600°C grade Super duty refractory lining
  • High efficiency calcium silicate insulation
  • Temperature controlled burners
  • Forced combustion air
  • Full sized load/ash removal interlocked door
  • Batch load door (manual load version)
  • Hydraulic charge door (automatic load version)
  • Refractory lined chimney for longevity
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Sterile Ash residue less than 5% w/w
  • Fully assembled and tested prior to despatch
  • Refractory cured prior to despatch
  • User friendly automatic control

  • Manual or automatic loading subject to waste capacity
  • Skid mounting for mobility
  • Available to fire natural gas / lpg / diesel / kerosene / waste oils / biofuels
  • Trailer mounted
  • Energy Heat Recovery

The plant can be engineered to meet any of the following standards:

  • EU Waste Incineration Directive
  • US EPA
  • EU Animal By Products Regulation 1774/2002
  • World Bank Emission Standars
  • NEMA Act (EMCA)
  • World Health Organistation Emission Standards
  • UK Clean Air Act
  • British Standards BS3316the waste.

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