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- Model Autosort Laser - Laser Recycling Sorting Machine



AUTOSORT LASER has made an enormous breakthrough in terms of efficiency, safety and recovery yields in the processing of household and commercial waste. It excels at separating thin, thick or opaque glass from transparent polymers, thanks to its independent background system and combination of sensors.

As a sensor-based sorting machine based on laser, electromagnetic and near-infrared technology, the pioneering AUTOSORT LASER allows the separation of glass, ceramics, stones, porcelain (CSP) metals and plastics (including transparent) from household- and commercial waste. Coupled with an independent background system, simultaneous single-point detection results in exceptional and consistent sorting results with greatly reduced downtime. Even thick and opaque glass can easily be identified and sorted with TOMRA’s AUTOSORT LASER technology. Customers can take advantage of the fully flexible sensor configuration capabilities through TOMRA’s user-friendly touchscreen (ACT). As with all AUTOSORT models, the AUTOSORT LASER features TOMRA’s patented Flying Beam® technology, with its continuous calibration feature which supports customers in monitoring performance on a real time basis.  Along with its unique mechanical design, built for the highest safety standards, these advantages mean the customer benefits from reliable and stable results across a range of applications.


You strive for peak performance. Tomra‘s patented flying beam® technology helps you get there.

Through its continuous calibration feature, you can monitor and optimize the performance of your operations on a real time basis. This means increased stability and less downtime of your system while achieving constant high-quality yield. Additionally, innovative and accurate lighting technology results in up to 70% energy savings and decreases your operating costs. With FOURLINE technology, high speed, high precision NIR sensors allow resolution up to 2 mm, minimizing the loss of valuable product yield and leading to higher product recovery.

All of this ensures greater profitability of your product output.

  • High throughput, High consistency, High product yield Result in high profits.
  • Multi-parameter filtering Via tomra’s state-of-theart Material selectivity Function (msf) ensures Optimal material sorting And leads to maximum Product yield.
  • Robust machinery ensuring Incomparable reliability And peak performance.
  • Substantially less Downtime, greater Output stability and Low energy consumption Through patented and Pioneering technology.
  • Field-proven process and Machine design developed With industry partners.
  • Superior all-around Service support With tomra care.

  • Independent background system
  • Simultaneous single-point detection for multiple applications
  • User-friendly touch screen and flexible sensor configuration
  • Glass vs. transparent polymer recognition
  • Built to meet the highest safety standards

  • Glass
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • WEEE-Electronic Scrap

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