Üstün İş Makina

Üstün İş Makina

Top Feed - Granule Extruder



Granule Extruders with Top Feeding Unit are especially used for granulating plastics in rigid form. Screw diameter, L/D, degassing zone, melt filter type and diameter are chosen according to the plastic type and form. Screw is welded by PTA hard welding for extra protection against abrasion. Screw and barrel are hardened by nitration and induction. Bimetallic barrels produced by centrifugal casting are also available. By using speed controlled main engine, plastics with different density and MFI can be granulated with same pressure and capacity. Direct coupling connection of gearbox and main engine, ceramic insulated heaters and inverters lead to high energy efficiency. Granule Extruders are controlled by user friendly, intelligent PLC systems and touch screens. Manual control is also available.

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