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- Model TPBS - Sieve bend screen filter and static screen

Product Introduction Sieve Bend Screen  Filter is a small-scale unpowered separate equipment, used for processing the suspended solids, floating objects, and sediment, etc… during the sewage treatment. The material of this equipment normally adopt 304 stainless steel, and the gap can be made different size, such as 0.25mm,0.5mm,0.75mm,1.0mm,1.5mm,2mm, and so on, also can be customized available for detailed requirements. Main Features   1. Take advantage of the gravity of water flow, it has no any energy cost; 2. Water yield dispose is large by single-motor. 3. It will not obstruct, and it is easy to clean. 4. The material of whole set of equipment adopts stainless steel (AISI 304, 316, 316L etc )or carbon steel, machinery strength is very high, no deformation and has a life long service.


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Working principle:

The main body of Sieve Bend Screen Filter is made by wedge shape steel bar, and process as a arc or flat filter sieve of stainless steel filter flat sifter. After the sewage evenly distribute on the inclined sifter by the down flow weir.

Because of the gap of screen surface is small, smooth, and easy to drain away water, no obstruction; the solid object is retained, the water come through the gap. At the same time, under the water power, the solid object expels from the bottom of the sifting plate, then it can achieve goal for divide the solid and liquid.


1. Paper waste--- recycles the fiber, wipe off the solid content.

2. Tannery waste---- eliminates the fur, grease and other solid contents.

3. Slaughter waste----- eliminates bag, fur, grease, shit and other solid content.

4. Urban sewage--- eliminates fur, debris and other solid contents.

5. Alcohol, starch factory waste---- eliminates the shell of plant fiber, debris and other solid contents.

6. Drug and candy factory waste--- eliminates different kinds of wastes, the shell of plant fiber, and other solid contents.

7. Beer, Malt factory waste----- eliminate malt, bean peel and other solid contents.

8. Livestock, fishing farm waste--- eliminate livestock fur, shit and other solid content.

9. Fish and meat packing plant----- to eliminate gill, scale, dog meat, grease and other solid contents. Also deal with other factories for fiber textile, chemistry, plastic process, large-scale machinery, hotel, residence.