Neve Envirronement

Neve Envirronement

- Model 22-300 - Purification Plants


TOPAZ RANGE 22-300 Inhabitants Equivalents (EH): Micro-compact stations activated sludge. The TOPAZ line treatment plants are domestic compact wastewater treatment systems operating activated sludge in extended aeration. The range proposed in semi-public sanitation 10 comprises models 30 to 300 population equivalents (according to usual design standards in France) .The TOPAZ station uses a completely biological purification process. In the manner of a river, it is aerobic bacteria that ensure the treatment. The process is intensified by blowing air. With its patented self-regulation system, it ensures a constant purification rate, regardless of arrivals of domestic wastewater fluctuations. Extremely compact, the TOPAZ plants treat all domestic wastewater (water valve, kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, ...).

  • Extremely compact (built area of 5 to 45 m²)
  • automatic flow control
  • Easy Installation
  • high treatment efficiency (97%)
  • Integrated buffer pool
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Monocuve up to 75 EH
  • Internal lift (boring area of the waste water inlet).

  • Campsites - Holiday center - Golf
  • Hotels - Restaurants - Party locations
  • Villages - Hamlets - Condos
  • Offices - Workshops
  • Schools
  • bases life

  • Resort with the CE EN 12566-3 .
  • rugged and lightweight polypropylene structure.
  • oxygen supply system by air blower and fine bubbles diffusers.
  • sound and visual malfunction alarm.
  • integrated and soundproof technical compartment.
  • processing system comprising four compartments: accumulation tank, aeration tank, clarifier and sludge storage basin.

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