M-T Hydraulics

M-T Hydraulics

Topographic Equalizing Device (TED)

This is an adjustable unit that prevents emptying/draining of command tubes at the end of control on slopes.

  1. Free the calibration screw until the spring is free.
  2. Disconnect the command tube from the valve and send a water command to the valve.
  3. Wait until the air is drained from the tube and water begins to flow.
  4. Reconnect the command tube to the valve.
  5. Close the calibration screw 2/3 of it's length.
  6. Stop the water command to the valve.
  7. Free the calibration screw slightly until a few drops of water go out of the tube.
  8. Check if the valve has changed its condition. If not, free the calibration screw a bit more until the valve changes its condition.
  9. Tighten the nut of the calibration screw, and the TED is calibrated.


Topographic Equalizing Device

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