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GE originally introduced the tower boiler design in the mid-20th century to utilize high moisture lignite in Europe. With standardization and modularization, tower boiler equipment can be sourced and constructed cost-effectively around the globe while meeting high quality standards.

High cycle efficiency
High cycle efficiencies at ultra-supercritical conditions reaching 44 to 47% on an LHV basis (42 to 45% HHV basis), leading to less fuel consumption and reduced emissions
Low primary NOx emissions
Low primary NOx emissions using advanced tangential firing systems and effective overfire air arrangements, resulting in less SCR catalyst material and less reagent consumption
Outstanding operational flexibility to support a stable grid
Reliable plant operation enhanced by fully drainable heating surfaces, resulting in faster startup periods and reduced stresses in pressure part
Expertise in High Moisture Lignite Firing

Specialized firing system to burn all types of lignite with over 80 years of experience Integrated with advanced beater wheel mill providing efficient operation and maintenance

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