- Model DEH Series - Recessed Impeller Horizontal Slurry Pumps



The DEH series is a world leader in horizontal recessed impeller pumping. The high chrome recessed impeller allows for an unobstructed passage through the pump casing (also made of high chrome construction) which allows solids, up to the full diameter of the discharge, to pass through without the danger of clogging. Long fiberous materials are handled without difficulty. As one of the most efficient recessed impeller pumps on the market today, the DEH boasts operational efficiencies once only achievable by its 'closed' and 'semi-open' impeller cousins.

The DEH's axial spiral casing design ensures that flowing solids are discharged quickly, reducing internal recirculation that can be detrimental to the hydraulic efficiencies and pump wear life. Due to the natural flow of the fluid through the pump casing and the fact that the flow is virtually isolated from the impeller, (only 15% of pumped liquid is in contact with the impeller) fragile solids can be passed through the pump with very little damage. This pump is ideally suited for low shear applications.

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