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Model TPN - Isolators


Mixed infusions consisting of vitamins, trace elements, greases, etc. are produced in an TPN (Total parenteral nutrition) isolator which are used for the nutrition of premature infants with disturbed digestive system. Since only non-toxic material is used, it is possible to operate the isolator at overpressure. Thus the TPN isolators guarantee mainly product protection.

The working resp. protection area which needs to be protected is completely equipped with a high performance particle filters. The filters must be installed at the end in the air exit; generally, a fine mesh polyester fabric is installed in the air exit for optimum air distribution. This fabric is also called CG distributor (CG: was first used by Ciba-Geygi) or laminarizator. Alternatively it is also possible to use a stainless steel perforated plate.

Due to the long-term experience and trials it revealed that best results are attained within a sterile zone with an average air speed of 0.45 m/s.

Due to the complete laminar flow all floating particles and particles which are freed during operation are safely collected, pressed downward and flushed out of the sterile zone via defined openings. Since this air is emitted to the environment it is forbidden to process substances which are hazardous to health.

In order to avoid penetration of soilings in the protected area it is necessary to delimit this area by means of a physical barrier: clean room walls, glazing made of mineral glass or plastic material or transparent films – or strip curtains

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