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- Model 1800 - Atomic Absorption Spectrometer



Current industry demands require that elemental analysise mbodies higher precision and sensitivity, with lower detection limits than ever before. Aurora has built a reputation as a leading manufacturer of atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence spectrometry. Building on this success, Aurora is pleased to introduce the newest addition to its line of atomic absorption spectrometers - the TRACE 1800.

The TRACE 1800 generates faster results while providing superior accuracy through the integration of novel full reflection optic design. Its patented micro-volume sample injection along with the full reflection optic design allows the TRACE 1800 to provide highly efficient analysis of samples from 50-500μL (in flame mode). The TRACE 1800 is ideal for use in many applications requiring a high quality precision instrument such as food & drug safety and medical applications.

  • Full reflection optic design is highly efficient with no wavelength discrimination within full wavelength range, ensuring the highest image sharpness for each elemental analysis.
  • Two direction eight (8) lamp turret with autoswitch and independent power supplies for up to 6 lamps simultaneous warm up & two high intensity power supplies.
  • Fast wavelength scan takes less than 100 seconds to scan from 185-900 nm providing results quickly enabling higher throughput.
  • Micro-volume sample injection for flame AAS from 50-500 μL. Requires only 50 μL sample solution to complete a flame test. This enables high precision testing when sample sizes are limited.
  • Universal XYZ autosampler is compatible with all types of atomizers and provides access to any (customized or Aurora’s pre-defined) sample vials (F, GF, & VG).
  • Switchable single/true double beam optics ensures highly accurate, highly precise results under various conditions.
  • Auto-switch between flame (F) and graphite furnace (GF) atomizers provides a highly efficient software controlled process.
  • Transversely heated GF tube with GF heating rate up to 3800 K/sec maintains a uniform temperature distribution and allows GF tube to quickly reach an appropriate isothermal state.
  • Integrated graphite furnace video camera system provides a convenient way to observe the sample injection procedure and drying stage.
  • Full safety features GF cooling water flow and argon flow monitoring alarms, other safety features and auto-shutdown in case of power failure.
  • Self-reverse and industry leading 1 kHz D 2 background correction ensures the accuracy of results.
  • Online dilution enables automatic dilution from a single stock standard solution to create entire sets of calibration standards for both flame and graphite furnace.
  • Automatic acetylene flow rate control and optimization ensures hands-free operation, increasing productivity.
  • Titanium burner head Durable construction ensures a long life with low interference.
  • Solid Teflon nebulizer chamber chemically inert, providing superior resistance to corrosive reagents.

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