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- Model Field Pro HM3000 - Professional Portable Heavy Metals Analysis System



A professional portable heavy metals analysis system, combining the reliable Metalyser handheld unit with a high-quality waterproof 10 inch tablet PC, offering enhanced levels of precision. The tablet PC permits multi-point standard addition analysis, and with the manual peak height calculation function, peaks can be measured that automatic techniques cannot detect. The spreadsheet function can average data, calculate correlation coefficients, draw best fit lines and calculate the original sample concentration. With these tools the field user can detect levels as low as 1ppb with confidence. With a range of 16 possible parameters, the HM3000 is an extremely powerful instrument for field heavy metal analysis.


  • Extensive testing capability for up to 16 metals and metalloids
  • Built-in 10.1' touch-screen Windows-based tablet PC with bespoke software
  • Lowest detection limits of the entire Metalyser range


  • Single, easily transportable unit can handle muLtiple parameters
  • Offers laboratory-quality results and data analysis in the field
  • A genuine lower-cost alternative to expensive, time-consuming laboratory analysis


  • Analytical principle: Anodic & Cathodic stripping voltammetry using disc working electrodes 
  • Parameters measured: Antimony, Arsenic (III), Total Arsenic, Bismuth, Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Gold, Lead, Manganese, Mercury, Nickel, Selenium, Thallium, Tin, Zinc 
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C 


  • Results obtained in 5 minutes 
  • Results transferred to integrated tablet PC and automatically stored 
  • New application methods can be downloaded to the PC via GSM mobile internet (requires local SIM card and data subscription)

User interface

  • LED 10.1” touch screen
  • Menu driven software 


  • Metalyser rechargeable battery providing in excess of 50 tests per charge
  • Tablet PC with 6 hour run time and hot swap feature (enhanced battery pack available separately 
  • Alternative power supply via mains adaptor or vehicle cigarette lighter 


  • Metalyser Instrument waterproof to IP67; CE mark; waterproof tablet PC

Tablet PC:

  • Intel quad-core N2930 1.83GHz Processor with 2.16 GHz boost, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB SSD, genuine Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit), 10.1” widescreen 1366x768 resolution LED display, resistive single touch interface, 5MP camera, USB 3.0, RS-232, VGA, RJ45 and micro-SD interface, 802.11 ac a/b/g/n Dual Band 2.4/5GHz WLAN, integrated GPS, 4G cellular data connectivity (LTE/GSM/GPRS)


  • 2 x waterproof case, individual dimensions: 487mm (L) x 386mm (W) x 229mm (D); total net weight: 18Kg

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