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- Elastometer Measure Strain



The Elastometer measure strain (compression and tension) of the marginal fibers of the tree trunk. The latest version “Elastometer 3i“ is capable to measure both strain and inclination at the point of its installation along the trunk. Having both information the bending line and curvature of the trunk can be calculated. This supports the analysis of defects in the trunk that may occur at old grafted trees and at old pruning wounds.

  • Resolution: 0,1 µm
  • Accuracy: 1 µm
  • Measuring range:  +/- 2 mm
  • Duration of operation (accu): ~ 10 h at 20°C (radio connection to PC)
  • Distance between measuring tips: 198 – 202 mm
  • Diameter of measuring pins: 2 – 4 mm

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