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Tri-Cone Bits


This  type of bit has several cones covered by steel or Tungsten Carbide  teeth. Roller cone bits are made up of three equal sized cone and three  identical legs which are attached together with a pin connection. Two  popular types of these bits are MILLED TOOTH BITS and INSERT BITS.

Milled tooth bit: the cuttings structure is milled from the steel  making up the cones.  Insert bits: the cutting structure is a series of  inserts pressed into the cones IADC code for tri-cone bits   Tri-cone bits are named according to IADC code which consists of 3  digits and one letter. The Tricone bits are primarily used for drilling  into varied formations ranging from soft, medium to hard. They are  especially well suited for hard rock formation. These bits are very  reliable in a changing rock conditions. Tricone bits are ideally used  for water bore drilling, geo thermal drilling and oil and gas  exploration. These bits essentially consist of 3 roller cones having  steel teeth or tungsten carbide inserts. As the drill string is rotated  the bit cones roll along the bottom of the bore hole in a circular  motion. As they roll, new teeth come in contact with the bottom of the  hole which helps to chip away the rock formation below and around the  bit tooth. Typically air or drilling fluid is used to lift the crushed  rock chips from the bottom of the hole up the annulus. Rocksmith offers  heavy duty tricone bits to meet your customized drilling needs. We have  classified the bits based on their diameter (footprint), american  petroleum industry number (API Number) and international association of  drilling contractor number (IADC number). The IADC number further  classifies the tricone bits based on the tooth material of construction,  suitability for drilling into soft, medium or hard rock and bearing  type used. Rocksmith can offer tricone bits for all possible  combinations of IADC number. To further ease the selection process  Rocksmith has further segregated the product catalogues based on the  available sizes of steel milled teeth and the tungsten carbide inserts  tricone bits.  

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