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- Mill Tooth


U.S. made, oilfield quality, deep well exploration bits that are designed and engineered to withstand the most grueling drilling conditions on earth. Our HDD customers have been telling us for years that our tri-cone bits consistently outperform the bits available from local dealers and last up to 5 times longer. Tri-cone bits are where we started and we do it better than anyone! Let us save you thousands of dollars on your overall bit cost.

  • American Made tri-cone bits
  • Sealed Bearings for longer life (open bearing bits available)
  • Bigger Bearings than most mining quality bits available at local dealers.
  • Any size (2 7/8” - 36”)
  • And type (Soft to Extremely Hard Formation bits in stock)
  • Huge selection, in stock, ready to ship
  • Steers with the use of a bent sub, mud motor or Dual-Rotary (AT® & DR® Rigs)
  • Excellent pilot bits for soft to extremely hard rock drilling conditions

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