Tri-dek panel filters

Tri-dek e series panel filters - offer many 'green' features including no metal components, the e2 offers recycled media, the e8 offers merv 8 efficiency, both offer 70% savings in shipping & storage costs and all the benefits you would expect from tri-dek products.

Tri-dek 2-ply panel filters are offered in two different versions. Tri-dek 3/67 is our premium 2-ply panel that offers an exceptional combination of efficiency, service life and energy savings. The tri-dek 3/67 utilizes a unique combination of synthetic polyester fibers and tackifiers to maximize performance. The tri-dek e 2-ply is our economy panel that offers outstanding value efficiency and service life.

Tri-dek 15/40 3-ply is the 'original' depth loading panel - and has only improved with age. Variable denier fibers are permanently bonded together to offer an extremely strong and durable filter. The 15/40 panel filter offers extended service life and improved efficiency when compared to traditional pleated air filters.

Tri-dek xl 4-ply is the 'premium' panel filter utilizing four layers of polyester media organized in a depth loading arrangement to maximize the dirt loading capacity, efficiency and service life. Variable denier fibers are permanently bonded together to offer an extremely strong and durable filter forming countless dust contamination traps -resulting in efficiency that is real world.

Tri-dek features and benefits

Tri-dek advantage -bypass elimination

Tri-dek eliminates the bypass of unfiltered air around or between filters or between the filters and the filter rack. Tri-dek utilizes a selvedge edge to provide a self-gasket, unlike cardboard-framed filters that do not seal and therefore inherently allow unfiltered air to go around the filter.

Dirty air bypass is one of the leading causes of coil fouling and can also result in the reduced life of expensive final filters. Unfiltered air bypass results in reduced protection from biological agents and microbial contaminants - both are important concerns in today's world.

Tri-dek advantage -moisture and mold resistant

Tri-dek media is resistant to moisture and microbial growth -unlike cardboard framed pleated filters. The pictures to the right show the effects of microbial growth and moisture on pleated filters. Cardboard inherently holds moisture regardless of what protective coatings are used. If pleated filters are subjected to moisture they will eventually deteriorate and blow out of the air handler. The presence of moisture is also one of the key components of microbial growth. Tri-dek utilizes no cardboard or other materials that hold moisture - in fact synthetic media and a galvanized internal wire support frame are the only materials ut lized.

Tri-dek advantage-reduced shipping/storage

Tfi-dek panels are packed 24 per case, twice as many as pleats - this will substantially reduce sh pping and storage cost by 50%. Even more importantly it will reduce the number of trips to and from the air handler. Tri-dek's robust design compared to the fragile cardboard framed filter will also reduce shipping and handling damage.

Tri-dek advantage - green

Tri-dek filters can be utilized in achieving green building or other green initiatives. Many of the tri-dek 'ilters have more than 20%, by weight, of post-consumer recycled content. Tri-dek's high efficiency, elimination of dirty air bypass, longer service, reduced life-cycle cost and can be utilized to achieve points in leed or other green building certification programs.

Tri-dek advantage -extended surface area

Tri-cube filters offer more surface area than tri-dek panel filters - this translates into lower operating resistance, enhanced dust loading capacity and extended service life with all the same great benefits as the tri-dek panel and link filters.

Tri-dek advantage - extended service life

The tri-dek media 'manages' the dirt by utilizing depth loading which allows for tri-dek panels to outperform surface-loading pleated filters. The graph above shows the results from a laboratory test for filter life. The results can be easily seen - tri-dek out lives a high capacity pleated filter by a mile, which translates into a service life that is significantly longer than a pleat. There is dramatic savings in the extended service life - reduced filters to buy, shipping/storage cost, labor cost, disposal cost and more.

Tri-dek advantage -easy change-out

Tri-dek linked panels simplify the   ichange out in larger side access systems. In larger systems all of the filters cannot be reached without the aid of a makeshift tool. This makes the filter change-out a hassle. However the linked panels can be easily and simply removed by a gentle tug - no more reaching and straining for the last filter. The tri-dek filters can then be folded up for easy disposal.

Tri-dek advantage -system efficiency

How a filter performs in a test laboratory under controlled conditions is important but what is more important is how a filter performs in the unpredictable and uncontrolled veal world'. The real world picture (left) highlights a large amount of dirty air bypass around the filter, this dramatically lowers the veal world' efficiency. Independent in-field tests have documented merv 10-11 efficiencies from tri-dim's tri-dek panel filters in 'real world' applications.

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