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The M6 range of ozone generators are a cost effective alternative to the M4 Series but utilise the same operating design parameters and water cooled corona discharge modules. The generators include air dryers and are available with either manual or automatic ozone output control.Units are available with outputs from 15 to 200 grams per hour.

The M6 ozone generator offers full ozone treatment for large commercial swimming pools. This self-contained unit provides exceptional disinfection and significantly improves u/ater quality.

swimming pool disinfection

Main Characteristics
Ozone system producing up to 200 g/h for swimming pool disinfection

  • Tree Tube'ozone module design
  • Proven ability to safely lower free ohlorine residual
  • Effective against chlorine resistant micro-organisms
  • Reduced skin and eye irritation
  • very low thm levels
  • Simpfe to install and operate with vacuum operation for safety
  • Pool water can be used for cooling and returned to the system
  • Ozone produced under negative pressure 'or operator safety

  • The M6 is designed for disinfection of large commercial swimming pools. Ozone provides effective treatment agamsi chlorine resistant moo-organisms and significantly improves water clarity.
  • The M6 generators are self contained, with integral air dryer, ozone generation equipment and full electrical controls.
  • All components are housed within one enclosure, with Internal partitioning and removal access doors for ease of maintenance.
  • Both the air drying system and the ozone generation system operate under vacuum conditions thereby eliminating the risk of ozone gas escape.

  • Ozone is produced wnen air is passed over a dielectric ozone generating modute The M6 range incorporate the patented 'Free Tube' module desgn which give excellent dielectric reliability arxl decreases maintenance requirements The ozone modules have a pvc outer body fitted with stainless steel liner tubes to give excellent resistance to chlorinated water allowing pool water to be used in the generator cooling system.
  • The dielectric tubes and electrodes are suspended within the liner tubes which removes all expansion stresses from the dielectrics which results in maximum reliability and long life.
  • All models can be supplied either with constant ozone output or wtih totally automatic ozone output variation and easy to operaie eleclncal controls.

Technical Features

  • BS EN ISO 900Z94
  • CE Approval


  • Enclosures: mild steel, epoxy coated
  • ozone Module: 316 stainless steel electrode assembly inside a stainless steel lined pvc outer tody
  • Air Dryer twin column neat regenarated

Dew Point Monitoring system

Remote Controls and Signals

  • Digital inputs: Remote Booster Pump, start-stop, Remote ozone start-stop
  • Digital ouputs: Booster Pump Fault, ozone on

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