Trion Indoor Air Quality

- Model KES - Multi-Stage, Self-Contained Kitchen Exhaust System



Kitchen Exhaust contains grease, smoke and odors which can be filtered properly to help meet EPA, state and local air quality standards. With the Trion KES system, you'll be on good terms with both city inspectors and your commerical and residential neighbors. The KES is a multi-stage, self-contained filtration unit that ensures maximum effectiveness through the use of an Electrostatic Precipitator, a 95% DOP Media Filter, and Carbon Modules for odor control.

  • High-Efficiency at Low, Constant Pressure Drop
  • Compliance with EPA, State, and Local Air Quality Laws and Regulations
  • Cleaner, Fresher Kitchen Exhaust that Fosters 'Goodwill' with Commerical and Residential Neighbors along with Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

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