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TriSep Corporation

- Model 8010 - Scale Inhibitor



TriPol 8010 is metered into the feed water at a point where turbulent fow will ensure adequate chemical mixing prior to entering the RO or NF system. This is usually done prior to the cartridge filters and high pressure pump. Dosing rates vary depending on feedwater quality and recovery but normally run between 2 and 5 ppm. For exact dosing, use the latest version of TroiWin. TriPol 8010 should not be used if there is more than 0.1 ppm of iron or other metal hydroxides in the feedwater. Since this product is anionic in nature, care should be taken when using cationic polyelectrolytes in the pretreatment system.

  • Extends useful membrane life
  • Superior control of calcium carbonate

  • Langlier Saturation Index: +1.0
  • CaSO4 Saturation: 150 %
  • SrSO4 Saturation: 200 %
  • BaSO4 Saturation: 200 %
  • Silica Saturation: 100 %

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