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TRISTAR is the series of the multi-rows trailed sprayers for the professional management of the chemicals applications. TRISTAR enables the spraying on three complete rows at the same time: three independent blowers generate the air flow in the best place close to the vegetation, thus reducing to minimum the drift and allowing a perfect covering. All the components are made with  the best quality, designed for a professional use and very reliable.


TRISTAR is equipped standard with:

  • central blower type  ARI® with front suction axial flow fan diam. 800 mm;
  • two axial flow blowers with fan diam.  620 mm. placed to work on the lateral rows, right and left sides.
  • ARI is a front air suction blower, to allow a clean application of the mixture, avoiding chemicals mist re-circulation and suction of leaves and dust.
  • ARI enables a symmetric application, a good and even penetration into the vegetation, a strong resistance to the wind drift


  • Two speed gear box and neutral position.
  • The gear box drives also the two independent hydraulic transmissions powering the two lateral blowers: this solution, simple and reliable, allows the fans running independently at the same revs


  • Chassis fully laser cut
  • AHSS steel (Advanced High Strength Steel)
  • Galvanized,  completely belly protected

Gantry structure

  • AHSS steel (Advanced High Strength Steel)
  • Gantry structure  extremely strong and light, having a great stiffness to enable a very accurate application.
  • The  structure can be customized to suit perfectly the row spacing and the type of vegetation to be sprayed.
  • TRISTAR has the vertical adjustment of the structure and the hydraulic folding of the lateral blowers.
  • All the movements are remote controlled by electro-hydraulic valves.

Spray equipment

  • Reinforced fibreglass tank with acid-proof treatment.  Capacities available : 1500, 2000 and  3000 litres.
  • Diaphragm pump brass heads.
  • Manual or electric pressure regulator.
  • Nozzles sections shut-off solenoids valves.
  • Double, triple nozzle-holders. All types of nozzles available.
  • Possible application rates: low, medium, high (from 100 up to 3000 litres/hectare).
  • Chemicals premixer, can rinser, water and chemicals filler.
  • Triple flow mixture agitator (over 600 l/min) allowing a strong tank mixture agitation.
  • Spray equipment rinse system and hand washing tank.

Controls and automatic controls

  • Electric remote controls for the spray equipment.
  • Electric remote controls for the blowers folding.
  • Electronic  display LCD for the tank level.
  • Electronic display LCD for the spray pressure.
  • Computer for the automatic control of the spray rates.
  • GPS system.GPS/computer link.

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