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- Model TX6355 Sentro 1 - Wireless Gas Detector



The TX6355 Sentro Wireless is a truly wireless gas detector. Powered by the Strata CommTrac network, it removes the expensive setup and maintenance costs associated with wired infrastructure. The TX6355 Sentro Wireless uses commercially available batteries, giving 40 to 45 days operating life between battery replacements. The TX6355 can measure carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and methane, with options for other gases. There is also an option to monitor external relay contacts and to report their state via the Strata CommTrac wireless network. In addition, the Sentro Wireless can trigger external relays to control ancillary equipment, for example switching on a fan or pump.

  • Dual-wall housing gives maximum impact strength, is protected against dust and moisture to IP65 and is suitable for use in arduous operating environments
  • The heart of the TX6355 Sentro Wireless is the Sentro eModule, an intelligent standardised gas sensing module. Various Sentro eModules are available to detect a number of different gases at various concentrations according to your needs
  • Dynamic data is stored within the eModule, together with the condition of the gas sensing element and its service history
  • You can easily service and calibrate the TX6355 by simply changing the module. You can do this with the power still applied. You can also easily and safely change the commonly used D-Type battery cells by operating a single quick release catch.

  • Mining
  • Tunnelling
  • Shale gas
  • Underground storage areas
  • Underground transportation
  • Process plants
  • Utilities
  • Oil & gas

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