Kepler Weber S.A

- Screw Conveyor

Practical and economic transportation system for short and medium distances of cereals, flakes, and solid grains. An AUGER can be used to load and unload silos, pre-cleaning machines, dryers, and other grain processing installations. It also can be a part of industrial and port structures. It is compact, taking up only a little bit of space even for high capacities.

  • It can be a part of farming storage installations with a transportation capacity of up to 167 t/h as well as industrial installations with a capacity of up to 750 t/h or more. 
  • Can be installed in a slanted position (at a maximum angle of 25º of inclination) and in the open air.
  • U-shaped transportation trough with a lid and dust-free seals.
  • The trough's lid has quick snaps that make it easier to clean the inside.
  • Intermediate inputs and outputs can be added with pneumatic or manual valves.
  • Comes with reduce speed forward slide for impurities.

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