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- Ozone Filter For UV Machine


UV machine is a kind of equipment, to generate ozone (O3) by irradiation of an air stream with ultra-violet light at a wavelength of 185 nm, usually for low ozone concentrations ( ca. 0.14% by weight, or 0.5 grams per hour). However, the uv light and the excess ozone’s harm to the health always call people’s attention.

Here, the ozone removal filter can be both decomposing the excess ozone (O3) back the oxygen (O2), and preventing the uv light from shinning out of the machine.

  • Case: aluminum foil, T= 0.15mm; high temp. glue;
  • Panels: the catalyst of ozone removal; aluminum honeycomb material; aluminum frame.
  • Application: The ozone removal filter is specifically used for the excess ozone from the UV machine and for preventing the uv light.

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