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- Ozone Removal Filter for Ozone Generators


Nowadays, ozone, or O3, is widely used for sterilization and disinfection in many industries,such as food processing,hospital,water treatment and etc. Since the excess ozone is deeply bad for health,this excess ozone(O3) must also be destroyed or decomposed back to oxygen(O2) before being released back into the atmosphere. The ozone removal filters, as the catalytic ozone destruct units are small, efficient, and available for this purpose.

Case: Aluminum foil, T= 0.018mm; High temp. glue;

Panels: The catalyst of ozone removal ; Aluminum honeycomb material;

Application: The ozone removal filter is specifically used for the excess ozone from the ozone generator or ozone monitor.
Ozone removal efficiency can be at least 99% under the following test condition:

  1. Initial concentration: 2.5ppm;
  2. Airflow:5 L/Min;
  3. Temperature:26℃;
  4. Humidity:28% RH;

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